Ernesto Romano is an Italian artist living and working in London. He uses x-rays of his body for my work, which he transforms with bold colours and often embellishes with gold leaf, glitter, spray paint or Swarovski crystals. All his work is very much colourful and shiny. He often use symbols like crowns and jewels that he superimposes onto the x-rays. Those symbols tend do identify a certain status or social position. On the other hand the x-rays instead are free from any social connotation, any prejudice or stereotype and often free form gender and ambiguous and eventually the most judgemental free angle from which a person can be looked at. These X-rayed self portraits convey a message of equality and universal values, of inclusion and diversity. Ernesto has exhibited nationally in UK and internationally and his work is collected worldwide. See the section Exhibitions for a full list of shows.

Ernesto Romano at the private view of the show “Queen Themed” curate by Ben Moore, a collection of contemporary depictions of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her 90th birthday in 2016

Ernesto Romano during his residency at the Bankside Hotel with Contemporary Collective gallery.