Ernesto Romano’s Skin series is a project exploring the idea of a symbiosis between flowers and the human body. Botanists define a symbiosis as an interactive association of two species in a mutually beneficial relationship.  In a world where the human microchip implant is no longer science fiction, Romano envisages delicate floral species growing below the thin layers of the epidermis.
Petals and thorns lift and swell the skin whilst leaves and stems squeeze themselves between the epidermis and the deeper tissues.  He associates the vaguely visible floral forms and their pale colours with human veins and bruises. The plants continuously grow, blossom and decompose in an ongoing cycle, whereas the soft membrane acts as host and harbours his species from the outer world. With these quiet and poetic images Romano’s metaphor suggests a reciprocal and cooperative way of living between man and nature, or in other words, the coexistence of body and soul. (© Renee Pfister 2013)

Anemone sylvestris
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus
Anemone levellei
Anemone rivularis
Anemone obtusiloba
Solanum pyracanthum